Plantronics Headset

A Plantronics Headset Helps You To Be More Productive

A Plantronics headset gives you the opportunity to talk while keeping your hands free. You can find your own headset available on eBay. Here are some factors to consider before deciding on a model to purchase.

Is a Plantronics headset secure?

There is no reason to worry about the confidentiality of your phone calls with a headset. These headsets have many safeguards to keep your phone calls secure. The frequency changes rapidly in a process known as channel hopping. The headset signal is digitally encrypted as well. The signal is sent over a short range and is restricted. Most Plantronics headsets utilize at least one of these capabilities. There are some models on eBay that even use all three protections to keep their units safe.

Can more than one headset be used in a room?

A Plantronics headset uses voice-based DECT 6.0 and 1.9GHz technology. This wireless system gives their headsets better audio, more secure communications, and lower inference than previous models. It also allows you to use multiple headsets in an office or room. You can use up to 30 to 50 Plantronics units in a workspace as long as you keep them 10 feet apart. The company suggests that 30 units can be used within a 1,000-square-foot space.

What are some uses for a headset?

You can use wireless headsets for a variety of activities. Offices and companies use wireless headsets to help keep their employees more productive. Many call center employees use the units to keep their hands free to work on the computer. Headsets can also be used for recreational activities as well. Video game players use these devices to communicate with friends or other players while they maneuver the controller. Some people even utilize headsets to keep their hands free as they perform other activities.

What types of headsets are available?

There are many varieties of headsets available on the market. Some of these models may include:

  • Convertible: These headsets are lightweight and have a replaceable battery.
  • Over the ear: This headset leaves one ear open as the other one is covered. It allows the user to have a conversation with other people in the room.
  • Over the head: These models provide a longer talk time than other models. They have a more secure fit as well.
  • Binaural wireless: These headsets are used in an environment that is noisy. These headsets cover both ears of the user.
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