Training Your Plants With Plant Supports

Plant supports are support structures that help manage the way plants and flowers grow, ensuring that they don’t collapse under their own weight or growth speed. If you're on the market for plant supports, knowing which one to choose can be a bit difficult. Check out below for tips on what to look for when hunting for your reasonably priced plant supports on eBay.

What signs signify that your plants need plant supports?

If you live in a windy area, you'll need plant support to protect your flowers from bending and breaking when the winds get too strong. If you've got lots of vines, they will also need plant support as they climb and wind their way up walls and homes. Your very tall plants need plant support as they continue to grow so that they don’t become weak at the base.

Which types of plants need which type of support?

The type of support you will need will depend on the type of plant you’re working with. Many plants have the same properties as other plants, and those plants will need a specific type of support.

  • Twiners: Twiners, plants that grow upward by means of their main stem in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction and grasp everything they touch, need support from structures like arbours, trellises, or teepees.
  • Sprawlers: Sprawling plants may not climb vertically like other types of plants but still need support as they sprawl across the ground heavy with fruit that could make their branches break. They would benefit from supports like cages and stakes that would be good for speakers.
  • Climbers: Vertical growing plants are vining plants, and support systems like arbours, trellises, and cages will help them manage where they grow.
What exactly is a trellis plant support?

A trellis plant support is a lattice-like open framework support that's made up of a network of vertical supports and horizontal cross pieces. The trellis is flat, and it works by training foliage like shrubs, young trees, and vines to grow against an object. Trellises are usually made out of materials like monofilament, wood, wrought iron, and wire.

What type of plant support should you buy for peonies?

Peonies are amazingly beautiful flowers that seem to tip over the minute that their heads become too large for their stems, forcing them to fall over. eBay has supports called "peony cages" that are specifically made for flowers like peonies and other large-headed flowers. Peony cages are usually made out of galvanized steel covered with a powder-coat finish that helps it last for a long time. The key is to cage the peonies early before they bloom when they're still young so that they grow up and into the cage naturally.