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Pioneer Home Audio Amplifiers and Preamps

Home audio amplifiers and preamps provide you with the means of amplifying sound in a variety of ways, such as when you are listening to music or singing. These amplifiers and preamps by Pioneer come with a wide range of channels, extending from one to 11 options. The RMS wattage available with these Pioneer units ranges from less than 250 watts to upwards of 500 watts.

What are the types of Pioneer amplifiers available?

There are a variety of different Pioneer amplifiers that you can select from.

  • Headphone: This is a type of speaker that is designed specifically to boost the signal of the small speakers within a pair of headphones.
  • Integrated: This electronic device consists of both a pre-amp and standard amp in a single device as opposed to a situation where the systems are divided into two separate devices. These Pioneer units are typically outfitted with a variety of inputs that allows you to hook up several devices to them.
  • Power: This is an electronic device that takes low audio signals and amplifies them in order for them to be heard within a room or large venue. This type of device can be paired with an electric guitar pickup or radio receiver. When turned on, the audio signal will be bolstered before being sent through headphones or loudspeakers.
  • Pre-amp: There are instances where a pre-amp may be required to boost a weak electrical signal and then send it to a power amplifier in order to avoid issues wherein the audio that is produced through a loudspeaker is distorted or muffled.
What are some features available with these amplifiers and preamps?

These Pioneer systems are outfitted with a range of features such as multi-room functionality. Some of these systems are also equipped with Bluetooth functionality that allows the device to be used in a wireless capacity. It is also possible for these units to be lightweight and portable.

What does the RMS power refer to?

This type of power is commonly referred to as root mean square, which indicates how much continuous power the amplifiers can handle. When looking at possible home audio speakers, this metric will be listed by watts. The higher the wattage, the more electronic signals are able to pass through the speaker. The wattage available with these Pioneer speakers range from around 100 watts to just around 500 watts

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