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Pinball Collectibles

Many people enjoyed playing a game of pinball in their youth, but with these machines being hard to find, they're very collectible. When you collect these pinball machines, you'll be able to enjoy playing a classic game whenever you're in the mood. If you're ready to delve into collecting and playing pinball, here are some of the basics.

What do you look for in pinball machines?

When looking for pinball games for recreational purposes, just about any pinball game will be able to meet your needs. The whole family can have a fun time enjoying a game of pinball, and it doesn't really matter all that much which game you choose. On the other hand, if you're interested in finding a game to collect, there are a few things you'll probably want to keep in mind.

  • The age of the game: During their heyday, pinball machines were continually evolving and becoming more complex with each new release. Some people choose to collect machines from a specific period of time. Many people falsely assume that the older a machine is, the more collectible it is. When collecting a pinball game, it is often later models that are more desirable. Even so, individual games can have their own unique characteristics that make them worth collecting.
  • The type of game: Prior to 1977, most people played a game of pinball on machines that were electromechanical. These games functioned using a series of switches and relays. After 1977, just about all games were solid state. These games were designed using a circuit board and featured digital displays.
  • The theme of the game: You'll certainly find a wonderful selection of pinball game theme options. Games featuring the wild west, sci-fi themes, iconic bands like Aerosmith, or even fighter jets exist. You can even find some themed around movies like Ghostbusters and comic books like Spider-Man.
Can pinball machines be stored in a garage?

Generally speaking, a climate-controlled environment will offer substantial protection for your collectible game. There can definitely be a wide range of climate considerations, and that will often rely on the type of pinball machine you purchase. Depending on the material that was used for its playing field, extreme temperatures could cause the pinball machine to warp. Additionally, hot or humid environments might cause artwork or graphics to peel. Mechanical parts can rust, and a dusty environment can interfere with circuitry and moving parts. If you choose to store your game in the garage, take care to ensure it is protected from these elements.