Pickleball Paddle

Finding the Right Pickleball Paddle on eBay

If you have discovered the excitement of playing pickleball, searching on eBay for a pickleball paddle or set can be a great way to equip yourself and your friends before your next match. Buying a used pickleball set can be an affordable way to outfit yourself with the necessary and authorized paddles and balls you need to play. Understanding the features of different pickleball paddles will help you make a smart purchasing decision.

Key factors to determine which pickleball paddle is right for you

There are two key factors that you can use to help narrow down your options when searching for a new or used paddle for pickleball; once you determine the measurements you need for these factors, you can consider other features that may enhance your game skill. The two key factors are:

  • Weight - Pickleball paddles come in three weight ranges - lightweight, with weight under 7.3 ounces; mid-weight, with weights from 7.3 to 8.4 ounces; and, heavy, with weight at 8.5 ounces or more.
  • Grip - Pickleball paddles come with hand grips in different circumferences; you should match the circumference of the grip to the size of your hand; generally speaking, shorter players will use small grip sizes and taller players will use larger grip sizes.
What materials are used to make paddles for pickleball?

Early pickleball paddles were made of simple plywood; you may find one of these examples as a used item sold on eBay. As pickleball has gained acceptance and grown as a sport, particularly among former tennis players, the materials used to make paddles has evolved. Common materials include:

  • Wood - This is still used and offers a lower-cost alternative, ideal for communities or schools purchasing bulk amounts of paddles. Wood paddles manufactured since pickleball has grown in acceptance now include hand grips and straps. Wood is the heaviest material used.
  • Composite - Made with a composite core, these pickleball paddles have a face covering of polymer or carbon fiber making the hitting surface ideal for adding spin to balls.
  • Graphite - These also feature a composite core but utilize a thin layer of graphite on the face. These pickleball paddles are very lightweight, making them ideal for players who struggle with heavier versions.
How do you know if it is a Green Zone quiet paddle?

Pickleball paddles can be noisy when the game is in full play, making a distinctive popping sound as each shot is made. Many communities that have by-laws regarding noise levels require that pickleball be played only with what are labeled Green Zone quiet paddles. If this is a concern for you, check for these features: