PetSafe is an American-based company that manufactures electronic dog and cat training gear. Their flagship products include invisible fencing, training systems, and bark control kits. They also sell pet accessories such as feeders, leashes, pet toys, and care products.

What is the range of PetSafe in-ground fencing?

In-ground fencing keeps your pet within specific boundaries. You bury a wire around the perimeter of the containment area, and an electronic collar trains your pet to stay inside the wire. Types of in-gound PetSafe setups and their boundaries are as follows:

  • Basic in-ground fence: up to 1/3 acre with basic kit; expands up to 5 acres with additional wire.
  • Yard Max rechargeable in-ground fence: adds up to 30 percent more area; expandable to 10 acres with extra wire.
How many dogs can you put in a PetSafe fence?

You can contain as many dogs as you like within a PetSafe pet enclosure as long as each one has its own receiver collar. The company offers both in-ground and wireless options that include two collars. You can also buy additional collars separately for use with your enclosure.

What are the safety features of a PetSafe fence?

These in-ground or wireless fencing systems have built-in features to keep your dog or cat safe. These include:

  • Adjustable static correction levels
  • Automatic static cutoff after 15 seconds
  • Tone-only setting for static-free correction
  • Waterproof receiver unit
  • Boundary training flags for visual correction
How do you train your animal for invisible fencing?
  • Set the receiving collar on tone only and walk your pet on a leash toward a boundary flag. When the tone sounds, walk it quickly back into the enclosure, and praise it.
  • Set the receiving collar on its lowest static setting and repeat the step above. Practice over several days until the animal shows aversion to the boundary flags.
  • Provide a distraction, such as a family member, outside the perimeter, and repeat the step above.
  • Test your dog off-leash in the fenced area. Provide plenty of praise if it stays inside the boundary. If your pet strays outside the boundary, turn off the system, lead it back inside, and provide refresher training.
What kinds of bark control kits does PetSafe offer?

A barking dog can quickly alienate your neighbors. PetSafe offers several types of bark control kits that are safe for your pet.

  • The Rechargeable Bark Control unit activates only when your dog barks, providing a gentle static signal that automatically stops when your dog does.
  • The GentleSpray Anti-Bark unit emits non-toxic spray to distract your dog when it barks.
  • Indoor Bark Control wall-mounted units sound an ultrasonic note when your dog barks that is inaudible to the human ear.
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