Protect Yourself With a Personal Security Stun Gun

If you're unsure what you'll run into when out on a jog, on your way home from work, or out in public, you may have thought about how you can keep yourself safe. Carrying a personal security stun gun or laser gun is an option. You can find a variety of these new and used security tools on eBay at affordable prices.

Stun guns versus tasers

To clarify, stun guns are different from tasers. In order for stun guns to work, they must physically touch the person you are targeting. Tasers, on the other hand, can shoot probes from a distance. The range could vary, but a typical range is 15 feet. Both weapons use electric shocks, so be sure to check with your state whether stun guns and/or tasers are legal to own or carry.

How do you choose a stun gun?

There are many considerations to take into account when looking for a new or pre-owned stun gun on eBay. Those factors include:

  • Voltage: Anything above 800,000 volts is considered to be a high-voltage gun. Higher voltage will work more quickly on a person than lower voltage, but low-voltage pieces can still get the job done in many cases. Cheaper stun guns may be low- or mid-voltage weapons.
  • Design: The shape and size of these tools can vary. Larger stun guns can be up to 18 inches long, allowing for a long reach. Others can fit within your hand and are narrow, capable of slipping into a pocket or small compartment of a purse.
  • Alarm: Some of the stun guns for sale on eBay come with loud alarms that you can initiate if you feel like you're in danger. The noise itself can be a deterrent.
  • Flashlight: Having a flashlight can come in handy if you're ever looking for your keys in the dark.
  • Disable pin: With a disable pin attached to a wrist strap, the unit can be disabled if it's ever pulled out of your hands.
Taser models

There are several tasers for sale made for civilians. Examples are:

  • C2: This is a smaller device that's approximately 6 inches long and 7 ounces in weight. This real taser comes with an LED flashlight and sends out 30-second pulses.
  • M26C: This weighs 18 ounces and feels like a standard gun. It comes with a power indicator and laser sight, and it sends out five-second pulses.
  • X2: The X2 has a smaller design, similar in length and weight to the C2, but it has a more pronounced handle. It can be customized to have 10-, 20-, or 30-second pulses.