Personal Security Essentials

What Are the Different Types of Personal Security Devices?

Pepper sprayers, personal alarms, and stun devices, such as stun guns, rings, and batons are popular personal security items. Pepper sprayers shoot a stream of spray onto the assailant, causing temporary sight loss, pain, and coughing. Personal alarms are small devices that fit into a pocket or purse which emit a loud noise to ward off an attacker. Stun devices deliver an electrical shock to the assailant, temporarily paralyzing them. For added peace of mind, those who are concerned for their safety can find a wide selection of personal security devices on eBay.

How Do You Choose the Right Pepper Spray for Personal Security?

Stream, forced cone, fogger, and foam are the four types of pepper spray. Stream sprays deliver the spray in a straight line, hitting the assailant directly in the eyes. Users do have to aim accurately, however, as the stream has a smaller target radius. Forced cone sprays have a spray radius of about two feet, and can hit targets that are six to 12 inches away. These sprayers deliver a fine mist that is easily inhaled by the attacker. Fogger sprays are ideal for groups of assailants, as they produce an even finer mist and larger target radius. Lastly, foam sprays consist of a thick foam solution that produces the same effect as the spray. It does not wipe away as quickly, and over time it absorbs into the skin causing even more pain and irritation.

What Is a Stun Gun?

A stun gun is a device that delivers a 700,000-volt electrical charge into the assailant, leaving them temporarily debilitated. They typically lose control of their muscles as the electricity disconnects their brain from their voluntary systems. Stun batons and rings are alternatives to traditional stun guns, offering a more discreet and portable personal security solution.