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Whether you're looking to get into racing or just working on restoring the engine of a vintage car, you're going to want performance parts that stand up to a high-octane adventure. A handful of engine parts and maybe an extra exhaust or two is all you need to turn your garage into a well-stocked race pit. You might want to look into engine kits and other packages that can put the vigor back under the hood of your prized high-performance vehicle.

What types of gaskets are considered performance parts for racing?

Several different options are available if you're looking to replace the standard sheet rings that your car most likely came with. Several racing supply companies offer aftermarket kits that can help you to change the gaskets out in no time. You can see a major improvement over these default designs if you select any of the following options:

  • Solid Material
  • Double-jacketed
  • Constant seating stress
  • Fishbone
  • Spiral-wound
What sorts of accessories are needed for racing?

You'll need a few extra safety accessories if you're outfitting any vehicle to race in. Aftermarket safety parts are often offered in kits though you can get them individually as well. You'll probably want to add head and neck support systems as well as harnesses to your list of safety accessories. Special seats and window nets are also necessary accessories if you're working on a high-performance vehicle. Fire suppression kits are important if you plan to do any kind of racing.

What kind of high-performance brakes work well with racing wheels?

Higher performance wheels require more force to stop than stock wheels do. You'll probably want to opt for semi-metallic medium-friction disc or pad brake kits that feature a performance rating high enough for the type of wheels you're working with. Keep in mind that you'll need parts that fit the size of the assembly, too. Check the size of your chassis and find parts that are at least close in size to what originally came with your car.

What accessories do you need to change a shifter?

Shifter installation is easy if your kit comes with everything in it. Chevy and a few other automakers have standardized parts used in the process. This means you won't need to get very much special equipment in most situations. You'll need your new quarter shift rod, brackets, levers, mounting hardware, and the cable in order to install the new system in place.