Pepsi Bottles and Cans

Ever since pharmacist Caleb Bradham bottled the first Pepsi, people have been drinking this beverage from Pepsi-Cola bottles and cans. While the original Pepsi bottles were made by up to 24 different companies who made a variety of bottles, by 1940, the company started producing its own containers. Pepsi bottles and cans have the blue, white, and red logo.

What are Pepsi fountain syrup bottles?

Originally, Pepsi was bottled in a 6- or 12-ounce syrup bottle. These vintage Pepsi bottles include the mixing directions on the back, and most of them have the town where the glass bottle was created listed on the back as well.

What are Pepsi wave bottles?

By 1940, the company had started producing dark-colored wave vintage Pepsi bottles with a swirl design on their necks and paper labels. While most were printed in Pepsi's dark blue color, a few are printed in a lighter blue. Many different companies produced these vintage Pepsi bottles with most embossing the bottle with their own logo. Most of the wave bottles made for Pepsi until 1950 have two dashes similar to an equal sign between the words "Pepsi" and "Cola," and many had the company's slogan of "twice as much for a nickel."

What are some Pepsi designs bottled in the United States?

The company has made different varieties of its product available to consumers in cans and Pepsi bottles including the following:

  • AM: Soda with more caffeine and much of the original flavor marketed in 1989 and 1990 in a red, blue, white, and yellow can.
  • Christmas: Packed with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cocoa and marketed in 2007 and 2008. This clear pop bottle featured red, white, and blue snowflakes on its paper label.
  • Kona: Coffee-flavored liquid refreshment sold in a brown can.X Energy: One of the first energy drinks, this black can has a big white "X" on its front.
  • Natural: Made without preservatives, artificial flavorings or sweeteners, this product was sold in clear glass bottles.
What are some Pepsi soft drinks marketed around the world?

Pepsi is marketed in over 200 countries throughout the world. The company has produced some soft drinks for particular markets. These include the following:

  • Ice Cream: Sold in Russia, this soda marketed in red, white, and blue cans with the words "ice cream" in gold tasted like an ice cream soda.
  • Cappuccino: This brown can with the company's logo contained a hybrid drink that tastes like soda and coffee.
  • Fire: The bottle of the cinnamon-infused liquid refreshment sold in Guam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines has a blue fire behind the company's logo.
  • Dry: While not completely sugar-free, this Japanese choice that is not as sweet was sold in clear soda bottles with a silver label with black printing.
  • Halloween: A mysterious pink-flavored liquid refreshment released in a clear soda bottle with a black and purple label in Japan.
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