Pentax Processors

Provide Improved Diagnosis and Treatment with a Pentax Processor

When you work in the medical industry, you must do your best to ensure you provide quality services to diagnose and treat various ailments. Often a patient will require imaging services to detect abnormalities. A Pentax Processor can provide you with imaging to assist you in diagnosing and treating your patients more accurately.

What are the uses of a Pentax Video Processor?

The intended use of a Pentax Endoscope Processor is to provide endoscopic images that allow you to detect and diagnose various ailments. For instance, an upper endoscopy, which often provides a more accurate image than an X-ray, can allow you to detect abnormal growths, obstructions of the stomach or esophagus, bleeding caused by ulcers, polyps, or narrowed structures within the stomach, esophagus, or duodenum. Other ailments you can detect with a Pentax Processor include the following:

  • Inflammation
  • Ulcers
  • Tumors
What are the parts and functions of a Pentax Processor?

The parts of the processor may vary depending on the model you have. For instance, the Pentax EPK 700 video processor has some of the following parts and functions:

  • Water bottle receptacle – This allows for the attachment of the air pipe belonging to the Pentax water bottle assembly.
  • Light guide attachment – This is an adapter used for standard Pentax endoscopy machines; the port can accommodate fiberscope light guide or video endoscope.
  • Ventilation grid – This properly ventilates and cools the unit and lamp.
  • Lamp cartridge access door – This offers adequate access to the lamp cartridge for necessary replacement.
  • Various switches – These consists of air pump switches, lamp switches, and power switches.
  • Wireless or corded connectivity- This sends imagery directly to your medical diagnostic software or patient charts.

New and used versions of processors may have slightly different functionality based on the fact that different year models may have slightly different features.

Adjustable features of the Pentax endoscope processor

For proper imaging, the Pentax video processor must possess adjustable features. Whether you use the Pentax EPK 700 video processor, the Pentax EPK 1000 processor or another model, you will find various adjustable features to help you deliver quality imaging. Adjustable features include the following:

  • Color balance – Adjust the blue or red by an increase or decrease of 5 steps.
  • Brightness – Increase or decrease the brightness of the image for enhanced visualization.
  • Copy or freeze – This allows you to copy or freeze the image found on the main screen while still viewing the live image on the sub-screen.
  • X LUM – This adjusts the maximization of light; its often used for trans-illumination.
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