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Get Ultimate Control Over Your Cursor With a Pen Mouse

A pen mouse interacts with your computer to move the cursor in much the same way a traditional mouse does. However, an optical pen mouse is shaped like a bulkier ink pen or pencil, and you hold it in your hand like a pen instead of trying to move it around with your palm. You can explore the numerous optical pen options eBay has to offer and take a look at some of their features and benefits.

How can using a pen mouse benefit you?

A pen mouse can be the ideal pointing tool for a variety of electronic specializations. Some advantages of choosing a wireless pen mouse over a standard pointer include the following:

  • Distance - Although exact distances can vary depending on the model you choose, many optical mouse pens can still interface with the computer of your choice from several feet away.
  • Ergonomics - A pen mouse may be easier and more comfortable for you to hold in certain situations. If you need to do a lot of writing or signing on the computer, the feel of a pen mouse can make it easier.
  • Precision - Because you'll get pinpoint accuracy using the tip of the optical pen mouse, it is a great tool for photography editing and other detailed work.
What features can a pencil mouse have?

Optical pens include several features that can vary from model to model. If you would like to browse through eBay's available pens based on the features they have, you can use the search options on the side to do so. Some of the most common features these wireless pen mice have are explained below:

  • Programmable buttons - You can set the buttons on your pen mouse to match specific functions you want to execute. You may be able to pair them with your keyboard.
  • Adjustable weight - Some wireless optical pen models allow you to adjust their front or rear weights for maximum comfort.
  • Rechargeable - You can recharge some of these pens without removing the battery from the casing.
How does DPI relate to a computer mouse pen?

The DPI rating on a mouse pen is a measurement of its overall sensitivity. An optical pen with a higher DPI will be more sensitive to slight movements of your hand. You may wish to choose a pen mouse with a high DPI for precise applications that require exact movements.

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