Paul Reed Smith

Buying Paul Reed Smith Guitars

Based in Maryland, Paul Reed Smith Guitars, also referred to as PRS, is a company known for excellence. Used by known artists such as Mark Tremonti and Chris Cain, the brand has been gaining notice since its inception in 1985. The brand not only offers its signature guitars, but also creates innovative amplifiers and gear as well.  

What Guitar Types Are Available?

As with many guitar brands, there are several core types available, and within those categories, a number of series, including custom and limited edition instruments, and Paul Reed Smith is no different.  

  • Electric guitars are created by hand to ensure the most satisfying sound available. Some of the electric guitar series include the Custom series, Signature, Hollowbody, and Custom series. There are also Limited Editions available each season.  
  • The brand also produces rich and smooth acoustic guitars, and the SE series is known for its warm tones. Made from materials like spruce and mahogany, these guitars don't disappoint.  
  • Pick up a bass by PRS and select from the Core or SE models. Choose a four or five-string model made in the USA.  

What PRS Amplifiers Can You Purchase?

Match your guitar with some gear that will only serve to enhance your instrument's sound. There are many options when it comes to choosing an amplifier that matches up perfectly with your guitar for onstage performances or recording.  

  • Choose a 2-channel amp for a versatile, flexible design that gives you plenty of options when it comes to customizing your sound. These may be lightweight, but they're packed with wattage and effects, making them a must-have.  
  • The Archon series offers a bit more in the wattage department with a high-performance 100 or 50 watts of power depending on what you desire. Other features include volume and tone controls and a half-power switch so you're in control of your sound. 
  • Opt for a combo amp with the Sonzera, which gives you a head and an amp with an array of appealing features.  

What Are Some Accessories Options?

There are small things you may need that you may not have on hand when you need them, so it's smart to go ahead and have these on hand in order to be prepared for anything. Some of these are just for fun and the love of the music.  

  • Guitar picks are not necessary, but most players do use them. Some prefer finger-picking, but PRS offers their own brand of guitar picks. Some have engaging designs, like abalone shell options.  
  • Cover up your toggle switch with a rubber switch cap, which is smooth and soft when you grab it and makes it simple to make changes.  
  • Protect your guitar and make sure it doesn't get damaged or that dust gets into its sensitive parts with a PRS guitar case. There are bass and guitar cases, and even cabinets for your amplifier.    

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