Garden & Patio Tables

During the warmer months, garden and patio tables are the perfect accessory to complement your Sunday BBQ or any outdoor gathering. A comfortable, stylish garden and patio table can transform your summer, giving you a reason to spend time with your friends and family. Garden and patio tables can also be used in the colder months too, provided that it's not too cold.

There are a large variety of garden and patio tables to choose from. When selecting the right table for you, it is important to consider the material, shape, number of seats and the added features available. Each one of these key factors contribute to the design and layout of the garden or patio and have the ability to complement or ruin the outside design.


The additional feature options available when buying a garden or patio table are listed below and discussed in detail.

Foldable tables are useful when living in a cold climate with regular rain. They are easy to assemble and take apart, which allows you to live care-free about the potential condition of the table.

Extendable tables are useful for when you have a large group of friends or your extended family over for any occasion.

Portable garden and patio tables are especially useful when changing the location of the event from the back garden to a park.

Additional features include mosaic, suitcase and wall mounted.

With most tables, you are able to choose the number of seats you get with the table, provided it is big enough to fit them all. The maximum number of seats that can be bought with a table is eight.

Material and Shape

The variety of material available consist of wood, rattan, plastic, metal, aluminium, teak, marble, glass, cast iron and steel.

The shapes on offer are oval, round, rectangle and square.