Cozy-up Outside With the Patagonia Women's Down Sweater

Lightweight, adaptable and warm, the Patagonia Down Sweater jacket for women is great for any outdoor activity on a cool day. It is multifunctional. You can use it as a mid-layer for very cold days at the ski resort or as an outer layer for chilly summer nights around a campfire. Just like the Patagonia Nano Puff jacket, it is partly made from recycled material, which means you can be warm and do your part for the planet all at the same time.

Characteristics of Patagonia down sweaters
  • Protection - Made from 100% recycled polyester, the shell and lining both feature Patagonia's ripstop technology for long-lasting durability. Both shell and lining also boast a durable water-repellent finish, which gives good protection from light rain. The elastic cuffs, the high collar, and the hem drawstrings all keep the wind out and the heat in.
  • Fill - The Patagonia down sweater is warmer than the Patagonia Nano Puff jacket, mainly because it is insulated with 100% traceable goose down. Down being the most effective insulator, this down sweater is a very warm jacket for its weight.
  • Lightweight - Extremely light for its warmth (12.2 ounces or 346 grams), it is also very compact. The down sweater fits inside its own internal chest pocket for easy packing, and you can clip it to yourself or to your bag for a day's hike. The lightweight jacket will stay comfortable for any activity as it does not hinder movement in any way.
Which Patagonia down sweater best suits you?

Three versions of the Patagonia down sweater are available, so it all depends on what you want to do with it.

  • Patagonia down sweater jacket - The original model has long sleeves and a full-length zipper. Shaped as a regular jacket, it does not have a hood.
  • Patagonia down sweater hoody - Adding a comfy hood to the down sweater jacket, the Patagonia down sweater hoody goes a step further in weather protection. The insulated hood keeps the wind out for warmer ears and better heat retention.
  • Patagonia down sweater hoody pullover - The Patagonia down sweater hoody pullover features the same attributes as the down sweater hoody but doesn't open all the way. This adds to the heat sealing ability of this model, and combined with the drawstring at the hips, the Patagonia down sweater hoody pullover will keep you warm in any weather and activity.
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