Parrot is a French company that designs drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles. They also carry a collection of accessories that you can add to your quadcopter to improve or otherwise modify its flight performance. Parrot uses smart technology to design model aircraft.

What are the features of a Parrot drone?

Some of the specifications like fly time, camera resolution, and equipment measurements range from one quadcopter or drone to another, but a few features are basic across many Parrot devices. These elements can tell you how suitable an unmanned aerial vehicle from this company can be for your needs.

  • Lightweight – The material used for the model aircraft is a combination of Grilamid and fiberglass, which are both lightweight materials. For this reason, Parrot’s unmanned aerial vehicles don’t weigh a lot.
  • HD camera – The unmanned aerial vehicles are installed with high-definition cameras to take images. The resolution of the devices varies across models.
  • Embedded intelligence – This feature is available in Parrot drone collections like the Bebop. The technology gives the device the power to recognize subjects.
  • GPS tracking – The automatic tracking features allow you to keep watch on a subject when the drone is in the sky. It has an auto-follow function that follows a subject. The auto-framing function lets the aircraft hover in a stationary position while tracking a subject.
What is the FPV pack?

Parrot has developed a special kit called the FPV that can be used with its Bebop 2 and Disco models. The pack is a smartphone-based control that comes with a pair of next-generation cockpit goggles. Its RC unit links to your smartphone, which allows you to stream the video taken by the drone. You can use it combined with the FreeFlight Pro app that comes with Parrot unmanned aerial vehicles. This app is installed with shortcut buttons that can be used for different aerial requirements, such as surveillance delivery and photography. You can connect the Skycontroller to any number of smartphones or tablets. However, it’s always smart to check compatibility first before buying. The FPV kit is built to be compact.

What are the regulations for flying recreational aircraft?

Before you use your drone, understand the rules that a pilot has to observe when operating a model aircraft. Different regions have specific regulations, but some of these apply regardless of where you are operating your quadcopter from. Specific government agencies are responsible for governing drone flying in different countries, and you should stay updated with the current requirements, particularly if you intend to travel with your Parrot drone.

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