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Panasonic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors

Portable Panasonic wrist blood pressure monitors give you the power to keep track of your pressure levels anytime and anywhere. They offer you accuracy, convenience, and a wide variety of functions. If you are in need of a wrist blood pressure monitor, Panasonic has a device that fits your needs.

How accurate are these portable monitors?

Portable Panasonic blood pressure monitors measure diastolic pressure, systolic pressure, pulse rate, and more. These monitors satisfy blood pressure monitoring standards set by American National Standard for automated electronic monitoring equipment and can indicate how closely a given pressure monitor adheres to values set by regular professional sphygmomanometers. Panasonic devices use proprietary Digital Filter technology to eliminate unwanted signals and improve accuracy.

How do you power these devices?

Panasonic blood pressure monitors use removable batteries for their power sources. Some use AA batteries while others use AAA batteries, and you can use rechargeable power cells as well. Depending on the blood pressure monitor in question, you can expect from 300 to 500 uses before replacements are necessary.

Does it matter when you take blood pressure readings?

Many health professionals advise their clients to take their pressure readings at three points during the day. These are:

  • After waking up: These values can give you an idea of what your resting blood pressure may be.
  • After lunch in the afternoon: Your blood pressure may be at peak levels during this time of the day, and readings taken at such times can indicate the presence or absence of hypertension.
  • Before bedtime: These values can give you an idea of what your average pressure levels are.
How can you consistently get more accurate pressure readings?

Pressure readings vary depending on several factors. Knowing how to control these factors allows you to get consistent accurate readings. Such ways include:

  • Avoid activities that raise blood pressure: You should not consume caffeine, smoke cigarettes, or engage in strenuous exercise for at least 30 minutes before taking readings.
  • Take more than one reading: To get reliable results, take at least three separate readings, and space each reading about one minute apart.
  • Use proper posture: Since bad posture can result in faulty readings, you should sit in a straight-backed chair. While taking readings, keep your feet flat and your legs apart. The arm in use should have support and be level with your heart. Check the cuff to ensure proper fit.
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