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PUMA BMW Men's Shoes Large

About PUMA BMW Shoes

Feeling the need for speed, PUMA teamed with BMW for a special collection that builds on the German brand's racing heritage and the athletic giant's penchant for blending minimalism with high-tech touches. Signature PUMA branding shares real estate with the globally recognized BMW emblem on these wear-everywhere sneakers. Sleek and sophisticated, they're not as flashy as some of PUMA's other automotive collaborations. But for die-hard fans of fast cars and German engineering, there's no better way to step out with your favorite brand for all to see. The two brands have worked to make their partnership seamless, so while some may think that this is just a PUMA sneaker with an emblem slapped on, look closer at the SpeedCat's customizable lacing system or the ultra-luxe materials.
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Affordable Men's Puma BMW Shoes for Sale on eBay

BMW Puma shoes are the essence of sportiness and iconic style, synonymous with classic blue suede and timeless, chiseled silhouettes in black leather. Although designed as part of several Puma motorsports-inspired collaborations, affordable Puma BMW footwear is equally at home on the racetrack and the city pavement. The following are the major design features to know before buying shoes on eBay.

Puma motorsport major design features

BMW shoes by Puma come with code names that are shorthand for each shoe's major design features. Kart Cat, Drift Cat, SpeedCat, and Evo Cat are the code, or style, names. Kart Cat is a synthetic leather low-top or high-top with hook-and-loop or lace closures as well as "Power" and "Brake" wording on the bottom sole. The Future Kart Cat is quite similar, except it's a low-profile slip-on with lace closures, a contrast Puma formstripe (formstreifen), and molded rubber outsole. The other "cats" are:

  • Drift Cat: Laser-cut design, TPU cushioning midsole, tonal Puma formstripe
  • SpeedCat: Knit upper, T-toe shape, pull tab at heel
  • Evo Cat: Foot-hugging knit upper, lateral lacing, ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) midsole, oil-resistant outsole
What does III, 5, 7, and 7s mean?

These are Puma designations for new or different iterations of staple designs in a given category or collaboration. Kart III is the high-top version of Kart II, the low-top version. At any given time, multiple iterations are available. A random keyword search for "Puma BMW shoes eBay" returns an assortment of generations of a particular style, such as Drift Cat 5, Drift Cat Ultra 2, and Drift Cat 7S ultra.

BMW motorsports meets lifestyle accessories: sliders

Although principally associated with cars and motorsports, BMW connotes a high-end lifestyle brand that extends to accessories. This includes all kinds of footwear for work, play, and relaxing, such as Puma BMW sliders. Puma only releases one or two styles every so often. Called MMS Leadcat sliders, slides, or sandals, they are an open-toe and open-back slip-on with a cushioned leather cross-strap, a durable EVA outsole, motorsport branding, and a lateral strap side BMW pin.

What are the available styles for tennis Puma BMW?

Tenis Puma, the BMW and Ferrari motorsports-inspired tennis shoe marketed primarily in Spanish-speaking countries, is available in the same styles as Puma BMW staples. Tenis Puma Kart Cat and Drift Cat are most common, with all the same structural features mentioned above. They come in diverse colorways associated with each brand's signature hues, special colorways, and palettes unique to a certain country or demographic. Preowned and well-preserved pairs are available on eBay, usually with word "tennis" in the product title or product description.

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