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Play Your Way with Wireless PC Gaming Controllers

PC gaming has been available to more people due to the increased accessibility of powerful computer parts. While a mouse and keyboard are essential, some games feel more natural with a video game controller. Especially useful for fighting games, hack n' slash, and a variety of other genres, a wireless PC gaming controller can make playing games on your computer that much more enjoyable.

What kind of wireless controllers are compatible with PC games?

There are a variety of companies that make PC video game controllers or wireless controllers that are compatible with a personal computer. Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system is programmed to interface with Xbox One gaming controllers, for instance, and Xbox 360 controllers can be made to work wirelessly either by using Bluetooth or with the system through the use of a USB adapter dongle. Logitech makes controllers, gamepads, and joysticks for use with computers both wired and wireless. Valve also manufactures controllers and gamepads for use with games on the Steam platform.

How do you configure a wireless controller for PC gaming?

Configuring a gaming controller for PC use is often easy as many games are formatted for use with a controller. Those PC games that aren't may still support limited controller functionality as well, with unofficial patches available to pick up the slack. For most games with built-in controller support, the process will go something like this:

  1. Run the game as you normally would.
  2. Navigate to the game's settings menu and select the option to configure your controls.
  3. In addition to mouse and keyboard (typically the default setup), there should also be an option for controllers. Scrolling to this option will set the game up to accept controller inputs.
  4. Turn on your controller. As it connects, lights may flash or spin, typically ending with a solid light to indicate the controller has successfully made a connection. Test the controller by moving it and, if the cursor on the screen obeys the commands, then the connection was a success.
  5. Exit the settings menu. If an automatic save configuration notification did not prompt, make sure to save the control scheme and settings manually while still in the menu. Once complete, you should be able to play the game with a gamepad.
Does a wireless gamepad change the content of a game?

What a player uses to control a game does not have any effect on what the actual content of the game will be. Video game controllers are a means for controlling how a game is played, though they can change the experience of how a game is played. Those who are more adjusted to console gaming may find it easier to use a gamepad when playing certain games as opposed to a mouse and keyboard, either for comfort reasons or the type of the game being played.

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