PC Video Games

PC Video Games Are Fun Ways to Spend Time on Your Computer

Playing video games is always a lot of fun and is a good way to kill some time. There are many types and styles of games you can choose. You can easily find new and used PC games for sale on eBay.

Which operating systems are compatible with affordable PC games?

PC video games have a long history and have been released for many different operating systems for computers, depending on the current PC operating systems in place at the time of the game's release. While PC actually means personal computer, common usage of the term refers to computers that run a Windows operating system, and PC video games refer to Windows-compatible video games.

These are some of the main PC operating systems for video games, most of which support disc or CD ROM games:

  • MS-DOS
  • Windows 1.0-3.x
  • Windows 95 and 98
  • Windows ME, XP, and Vista
  • Windows 7-10

Playing older PC video games on your current computer

Many older games only run on specific operating systems. However, there are many operating systems simulators that you can install on your computer that allow you to play older PC games.

Which gaming genres are there in PC video games?

Exciting PC games come in a variety of game types and story lines. The most common genres are:

  • Strategy - Strategy games usually involve using strategic thinking to advance your goals during the game. A common theme is advancing an empire, such as in "Age of Empires," Civilization," and "Heroes of Might and Magic."
  • Role playing - Role-playing games are games that have characters the gamer leads through the story. Fantasy is a common element for games like "Final Fantasy" and "Link."
  • Adventure - Adventure games were some of the earliest computer games. "Monkey Island," King's Quest," and "Myst" are classic examples.
  • Puzzle - Puzzle games are usually collections of puzzle games.
  • Multiplayer online - These are any games that involve playing in an online virtual world with a multitude of possible gamers.
  • Simulation - Simulation games simulate real-world themes, like building theme parks or living daily life. "Roller Coaster Tycoon" and "The Sims" are examples of simulation games.
  • First-person shooter games - Shooting games are about killing off all the game opponents. "Call of Duty" and "Halo" are well-known shooters.
  • Fighting - These games involve pitting opponents against each other in some type of arena fighting.
  • Racing - Racing games have different types of races with cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles.