Outdoor Swings, Slides & Gyms

Children's Outside Slide, Swing, and Gym Equipment

Many parents and daycare owners are interested in purchasing a swing set for kids to play on. Thankfully, there are plenty of outdoor play sets that are designed for a range of ages and offer several options in terms of materials and toys on the play set. With a knowledge of their options, parents and child care providers can make a purchase that will meet the needs of kids for several years.

What kinds of toys can come on a gym set?

Commonly chosen features for a gym set include a slide and swing, but sets can also come with a climbing area, deck platform, glider, and tire swing, to name a few.

What kinds of equipment are available for climbing?

Children's outside gym equipment can come with monkey bars, rock-climbing walls, and many other styles of jungle gym equipment.

What materials is a swing set made with?

Outdoor play sets are made with a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, and metal. The frames are generally made with either wood or metal. If you are interested in a wooden frame, the most commonly available types are cedar, redwood, and pine. Slides made of metal are still available, but plastic slides are becoming more popular. Most gym sets are also made with plastic toys.

What should you consider when choosing a swing set?

Whenever you choose equipment for children, you need to consider what fits the needs of your kids and what will still be enjoyable for them a few years later. This means that it is smart to consider weight restrictions on any swing set that you are thinking about purchasing. You will also need to consider the size of the outdoor space that you are planning to put the swing set in. Outdoor play equipment comes in a wide variety of sizes, and it’s important that you choose a size that will fit in the desired location.

Are there swings and slides designed for toddlers?

Swings and slides designed for a toddler’s weight and needs are plentiful. Generally speaking, they require a smaller amount of outside area, and the frame height is shorter, so the swing arc is less and the slide is shorter.

How do you know where to put a swing set?

When choosing an area for a set, you need to make sure that the ground on which you will be placing it is level. You should also be sure that there are several feet of extra space around the perimeter of the set; kids will be jumping and swinging, so any telephone poles or fences should be far enough away.

What materials should be on the ground underneath the set?

You can use grass, sand, and mulch underneath a play set. Sand is heavy, but it gives kids an extra activity and is soft if a child lands incorrectly. The benefit of mulch is that it is much lighter.