Outdoor Lighted Sign Boxes

Promote Your Business With an Outdoor Lighted Sign Box

Creating local attention for your business, attracting nearby customers, or even providing a creative way to display text are some of the many reasons that people use outdoor lighted sign boxes. eBay offers a number of affordable new and used outdoor lighted sign boxes.

Benefits of outdoor lighted sign boxes

An outdoor lighted sign box is a tool used to display text or images to passers-by in order to draw in customers and get public attention. These boxes emulate lighted text that grabs the eye of the viewer. They're a powerful way to project a message to people within the area. Outdoor lighted sign boxes are effective marketing tools that help you bring in more customers without you having to increase the amount of paid advertising or marketing you use. Avoiding unnecessary costs of advertising or local marketing techniques allows you to spend more time and resources solely on your business rather than on reaching out for customer attention.

What styles of outdoor lighted sign boxes can you get?

The following are the main styles of outdoor lighted sign boxes available:

  • Digital: These feature digital letters.
  • Manual: Although these are lighted, you must change the letters yourself.
  • Ground: These are mounted low to the ground.
  • Post: These are mounted high up on posts.
What types of outdoor light sign boxes are for sale?

There are various kinds of boxes offered. There are signs with LED lights and those with traditional bulbs. The ones with LED lights are more powerful than their counterparts and will have noticeable beams during any part of the day. Due to their strength and bulb quality, LED lights are ideal when you want to catch people's eyes regardless of the time of day. LED bulbs also last longer than regular bulbs. However, traditional bulbs tend to have a warmer glow that some people find more comforting.

The way the boxes are lit can also be different. Backlit outdoor lighted signs have a constant light that projects around the text, while other lighted boxes only have the text lit up.

Sign box purchase tips

Consider the following factors when buying an outdoor lightbox sign:

  • Lettering: Do you need text or additional items? Are the letters brand-specific or can you put anything on it?
  • Visibility: Will you be putting it up high? How far is your audience? Larger boxes with larger letters can be good for reaching highway drivers from a side street, for example.
  • Durability: Will it be subject to certain types of weather conditions? You'll want to make sure that the sign you purchase is durable enough to withstand the elements.