Outdoor Fountains

Add Some Ambience to Your Surroundings With An Outdoor Fountain

Imagine sitting in your backyard and listening to the trickle of a stream or the flow of a gentle waterfall with an outdoor water fountain. You have the ability to change the feel of any backyard, patio, or porch with the right fountain.

How do you choose outdoor fountains?

Select the style of outdoor fountain based on the size and theme of your backyard, porch, sunroom, patio, or deck area. If your garden is designed to attract birds and butterflies, choose a fountain with a bird bath feature. Two good choices are the Solar Powered Frog Bird Bath Fountain and the Two-tier 32-inch Solar Stone Pedestal Bird Bath. Both options provide gentle water flow and are made of natural materials.

If you have a Zen or Japanese inspired garden, choose from the wide selection of Zen or Buddha themed fountains for sale on eBay. The Zen Buddha Outdoor Floor Water Fountain is a good choice when you want to meditate or do yoga listening to flowing water. The Zen Outdoor Tier Water Fountain is another option if you want something modern.

If you are surrounded by southwestern desert plants and landscaping, look for outdoor fountains for sale that resemble Native American pottery. The Outdoor Indoor Multipot 3-Tier Mediterranean Wall Water Fountain and the Fiberglass Floral Bowl In A Sandstone Finish are two options.

If your yard is full of children, eBay has water fountains with a playful theme. Choose the Water Fountain with Boy and Girl Drinking or the Children Playing At The Well Water Fountain to add some whimsy to your yard.

When you prefer a sleek and modern look, the contemporary water fountains for sale on eBay will provide the right amount of class. Look to the Modern Outdoor Zen Sphere Water Fountain or the Dancing Couple Water Fountain for clean lines and smooth textures.

Features of water fountains for sale on eBay

The new and used outdoor fountains for sale on eBay are battery-powered, electric or plug-in, or solar-powered. Fountains will either be the type that can be wall-mounted, placed on the floor or free-standing, floating, or placed on a table or shelf. Sizes vary from small table top versions to large courtyard size.

Selecting a used water fountain for sale on eBay

Look for used outdoor water fountains that are in working condition. Some used water fountains may come pre-assembled; however, some may only be available for spare parts.