Other Vintage and Antique Toys

Vintage and antique toys are being collected around the world, and meticulous research is often required. If you grew up with an antique favorite toy and/or had your eyes on a particular favorite doll or car printed in a magazine, viewed in a newspaper, or Seen on television, here is some information to help you procure your favorite collectible toys.

What is an antique toy?

An antique toy, by definition, is a toy that was created and/or dates back at least 100 years. The most popular toys are cars and dolls. Many of these toys were created with wooden and plastic materials. Some toys were made of cast iron. The following are some of the favorite toys available for you:

  • Electric Toy Motor Miniature Electric Motor:This toy measures 5.5 inches wide, 5.5 inches deep, and 6 inches high. The rotor spins.
  • Black Cast Iron Toy Sewing Machine:This German-made War Eagle sewing machine comes with a footed base.
  • Horse Pull Toy:This crafted white horse is a push-toy attached to a pine base with iron wheels.
  • Bing Wind-up Limousine:This 1920s wind-up tin-made limousine is a clockwork toy.
  • German Wind-up Carousel:Made between 1900 and 1910, this toy carousel comes with three tin Lithographed Horses and Riders.
What is a vintage toy?

A vintage toy, by definition, dates back 20 years or more. A toy categorized 50 years old or more may be considered as a True Vintage. Some toy collectors have referred to toys dating back to the 1980s as new vintage. Vintage toys were created with wood, metal, plastic, and rubber. These are some of the most popular antique toys:

  • Firefly Edition Monopoly Board Game:The features include a game board of the Firefly planets and universe, six collectible zinc tokens, customized Gorran, and cards.
  • Set of 5 1970's Miniature Die Cast Cap Gun Pistols:This set includes one George Washington Flintlock dueling pistol, two mini Gambler Derringers, a Captain Jack army, a 45mm and a cowboy gun.
  • German Children's Toy Sewing Machine:This German-made toy sewing machine dates back to pre-war.
  • Imperial Paratrooper Parachute Toy:The package includes one blue and one white paratrooper measuring 1 and 1/2 inches long.
  • 1940s Seamless Paper Doll House Dress Shop Box Set:A collection of 1930s and 1940s travel and sewing paper doll toys.

Once you purchase a vintage or antique collectible, it's a good idea to have an expert examine it. Knowing the toy's worth will help you to be an informed buyer.