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Going Beyond Cars

While most people think of cars first before any other vehicles, there are a wide variety of other types for use both on and off the road. Camping enthusiasts can benefit from RVs, campers, and trailers, while most businesses use one form of truck or another. Browse eBay's offerings for listings consisting of multiple vehicle types in conditions ranging from new to used to certified pre-owned.

What About Electricity?

While most cars and SUVs rely on internal combustion the quest for ever lower emission standards has led to a move towards electric vehicles in a number of applications. They are quiet and responsive and can be safely operated indoors. Electric motors can be found in anything from golf carts to automobiles. Most electric cars fall into one of two categories:

  • Battery Electric Vehicles: These vehicles rely entirely on batteries and the electric grid. Performance is generally good although range can be limited. In addition to range limitations, electric cars take longer to charge than internal combustion vehicles take to refuel. They are often inexpensive to operate and require minimal maintenance.
  • Hybrid Vehicles: Hybrids combine internal combustion with electric power. This provides a good mix of range and performance but with the disadvantage of requiring more maintenance than a pure electric vehicle. Plug-in hybrids tend to have a longer range on battery.

Getting Off the Road

While every machine operated on the road requires vehicle registration and license plates, the same does not hold true for driving off road. Electric forklifts are useful for indoor warehouse work while gasoline powered models are better for use outdoors. These vehicles often operate under a completely different set of laws, so make sure you have the right information before operating one:

  • Recreation: Once off the road you can either avoid pavement completely or head to the track. Many race cars are not street legal and need to be trailered in the same way that a dune buggy would be. While many can operate on the road in theory, they often lack various safety features such as lights and bumpers.
  • Work: Work vehicles can include anything from tractors to excavators or forklifts. There are also farm trucks which are not licensed for the roads but have all the features needed for street-legal operation.

Other Vehicles

You can also find a wide range of specialty and imported vehicles that don't quite fit into any of the standard motor vehicle categories, including commercial trucks, aircraft, and buses. Even if you exclude real exceptions such as airplanes there are alternatives such as converted military vehicles and very specialized work vehicles. For example, you can find anything from a food truck to a van specialized for dog grooming. It's also important to compare purpose-built vehicles to those that have been customized for specific uses.

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