Other Riding Boots & Accessories

Other Riding Boots and Accessories

Whether you prefer riding Western or English style, durable and comfortable riding boots are a must. They are designed to keep you safe and comfortable while riding your horse. Also, they provide the support your feet and ankles need during longer rides so that you feel less fatigued after riding.

What are the characteristics of a good riding boot?
  • It covers your entire foot and offers protection against horse hooves.
  • It has a short heel that stops your foot from sliding forward as you ride.
  • It has minimal tread, so it slides out of the stirrup when you are finished riding.
  • It is made of leather for durability and easier repair.
How do you know if a boot fits correctly?

When you are looking at how a riding boot fits, be sure to wear socks similar to those you typically have on while riding. Keep in mind that leather will soften and give a little the more you ride your horse, so err on the snug side. Check the following areas in boots for women and men to evaluate the fit.

  • Toe: A narrow-toed boot for women or men should not pinch, nor should your toes bump the end of the boot.
  • Heel: Your heel should not have room to move freely within the boot, but it should slide in fairly easily.
  • Instep: It should be wide enough that it does not constrict your foot but not so wide that it feels loose.
  • Calf: If it is English-style footwear for men or women, the boot should fit snugly at the calf without restricting circulation.
What are the different types of riding boots?

The different types of riding boots from such manufacturers as Ariat and Noble Outfitters are each designed to fulfill specific equestrian needs. They run the gamut from all-purpose Western riders to fancy footwear for the show ring. They also offer some seasonal features. Virtually all types of boots are available in sizes for men, women, and children. Some types of boots for horseback riders include:

  • All-purpose leather cowboy boots for men and women featuring pointed toes, 1-inch heels, and decorative stitching
  • Leather field boots for English riders with lace-up vamps and flexible ankles for equestrian jumping events
  • Leather high-cut dress boots for equestrian dressage and events
  • Rubber or polyester winter Wellies and Ariat winter boots for cold-weather wear featuring warm lining, tall sides, snow tread, and waterproofing
  • Muck boots to wear for working around horses, made from waterproof non-leather material with slight treads on the soles and pull-on style
  • Paddock boots for women and men featuring ankle-length sides, smooth soles, short heels and a sleek fit with zipper closures for casual riding