Other Medical & Lab Equipment

Everything You Need to Know About Selecting Medical Lab Equipment

Whether you operate a health care office, laboratory, or another type of health care or research facility, you may need to have a variety of other durable medical and lab equipment. On eBay, you can find great prices on a range of equipment for medical facilities and laboratories. There are different conditions, types of products, and brands of medical lab equipment available.

What are some available categories of laboratory equipment?

The available categories of the laboratory equipment may include:

  • Cleaning: This includes washers, sterilizers, autoclaves, and more.
  • Testing: This category includes pH meters, cell counting machines, and particulate analyzers.
  • Production: Dental form makers, cutting machines, and sealing machines are in this category.
  • Preparation: Centrifuges, microscopes, water baths, and vacuum desiccators are included in this category of equipment.

What are some features of the medical lab equipment available?

Some of the features of the equipment available on eBay include:

  • Computerized controls: The equipment may connect with computers and use software or programs for operations and testing.
  • Digital controls: Some of the equipment may offer digital touchpads, buttons, and screens for controlling functions.
  • Owner's manuals: The equipment may include owner's manuals for information about how to use the product.
  • Certifications: The equipment may have certifications such as Underwriter's Laboratory for safety and efficiency.

What are some applications of health care and lab equipment?

The applications of equipment for use in health care and laboratory settings include:

  • Forensic: Forensic research facilities, coroners, and archaeologists may use lab equipment.
  • Health care: General medicine, emergency rooms, hospitals, and doctor's offices may use lab equipment.
  • Research: This includes physical medicine, pathology, virology, bacteriology, parasitology, and radiology applications.
  • Veterinary: Veterinary research facilities and care providers may use a variety of equipment for testing, diagnosing, and treating animals.
  • Medicine specialties: Endocrinology, endodontics, dental, nephrology, urology, pathology, ophthalmology, and other specialties may use different types of lab equipment.

How do you choose health care or medical lab equipment?

When shopping on eBay for health care or lab equipment, you might consider:

  • Condition: There are used, used for parts, manufacturer's refurbished, and new products available.
  • Brand: Some of the available brands of the equipment include Agilent, Cole Parmer, Abbott, 3M, Mettler Toledo, Milwaukee, and A + D. There are also unbranded options available.
  • Type: You might select parts, accessories, or entire pieces of equipment.