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A Buyer's Guide to Other Health Care, Lab, and Dental Equipment

When you operate a health care practice, laboratory, or dental facility, you need to have a wide variety of supplies and equipment available. On eBay, you can find many different brands of equipment for lab, dental, and health facilities. There are new and used products at a variety of price points on eBay.

What health care, laboratory, and dental supplies are there?

The categories of quality health care, laboratory, and dental supplies and equipment include:

  • Testing: Supplies and equipment for testing include swabs, strips, waste receptacles, needles, syringes, gloves, and tubes.
  • Production: There are specialty machines for making implants, crowns, mouth guards, and veneers.
  • Patient care: There are cups, gloves, bandages, masks, gowns, bibs, and coverings for use in caring for patients.
  • Diagnosing: Solutions, chemicals, and machines are used for diagnosing medical and dental conditions.
What are some of the applications of these health supplies?

The available applications for these laboratory, health care, and dental supplies include:

  • Veterinary: A veterinarian or veterinary hospital may use the equipment for testing, diagnosing, or treating animals.
  • Endodontics and oral surgery: A dental laboratory, specialist, or dentist might use equipment or supplies for making crowns or implants for a patient.
  • Medical: Some of the specialties include pediatrics, gynecology, nephrology, gastroenterology, and endocrinology.
  • Research: The equipment or products might be used in laboratory research.
  • Pharmaceuticals and development: The supplies or equipment might be used in the development of products or for pharmaceutical needs.
What are the available conditions of the supplies and equipment?

The available conditions of the laboratory, health care, and dental supplies and equipment include:

  • New: The products may be in a sealed box or an opened box, but they have not been used.
  • Refurbished: The manufacturer has refurbished the equipment.
  • Used: It may or may not be working. It may be used for parts.
  • Parts only: The equipment does not work, but it has functional parts that could be used to replace parts in your current equipment.
How do you choose dental or health care supplies?

When shopping for the health care, laboratory, or dental equipment or supplies on eBay, you might consider:

  • Brand: Some of the brands include Carejoy, Denshine, Stryker, 3M, Agilent, Lab Safety Supply, and Becton Dickson.
  • Size: Some of the supplies and equipment come in bulk packages.
  • Condition: Pieces of equipment are available in new, refurbished, or used condition.

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