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Industrial Connectors, Switches, and Wires

Computers are connected through switches that receive, process, and forward data to one or multiple devices. A multiple device switch uses hardware addresses to process and direct electrical impulses. Industrial AC power connectors and switches, which differ in size and shape, deliver specified loads of electricity into the motherboards of North American laptops.

What are industrial connectors?

Most industrial business equipment process single-phase AC electrical power through internationally standard detachable connectors with an additional ground for safety. Most computers receive only 10 amperes of power while industrial equipment may receive 16, 32, or 63 amperes of electricity through large connectors. Wires attach to a connector with a specific pin configuration, which prohibits the connection of mismatched connectors.

What are industrial switches?

Industrial switches control the flow of electricity between two points. They're usually binary, in an on or closed position or in an off or open position. Industrial switches, which vary by application, may be:

  • Toggle: A Toggle switch, like a light switch, is a spring activated lever that remains in an on or off position.
  • Push button: A push button switch is a simple button that stays in when depressed and releases when pressed again.
  • Selector: A selector switch is a rotary knob or lever that turns to multiple positions.
  • Lever actuator: A lever actuator Ethernet switch is activated mechanically by another process switch.
  • Proximity: Proximity Ethernet switches are activated by substances near them such as smoke, toxic gas, or chemicals.
  • Process: A process switch may be activated by the processes of other Ethernet switches.
What are industrial Ethernet switches?

Industrial Ethernet (IE) protocols use rugged connectors, sensors, and industrial Ethernet switches to measure conditions such as temperature, pressure, or fluid volume and automate industrial processes. The Ethernet switches may be used in computer networking technologies to transmit data through a computer network using fixed or modular Ethernet switches. Types of industrial switches may be:

  • Speed: Speed switches are usually weighted centrifugal switches.
  • Temperature: Temperature sensors activate a process when a specific temperature is reached.
  • Pressure: Gas or liquid exerts pressure on a piston within a cylinder, which initiates a process when the pressure and piston reach a specific level.
  • Liquid level: Liquid level switches are activated by the volume of fluid or gas flowing through a pipe.
  • Liquid flow: Liquid flow switches activate a process depending on the amount of fluid flowing through a pipe.
  • Radiation control: An indicator or detector measures radiation, sounds an alarm when radiation is beyond a safe limit, and disrupts or halts the process when necessary.
  • Joysticks: Joystick switches activate different processes depending on their position.
What are modular Ethernet switches?

Modular Ethernet switches serve individual application functions. Fixed configuration switches are not expandable. You can connect modular expansion Ethernet switches for increased productivity, security, or flexibility. Expansion Ethernet switches include:

  • Your computer's firewall
  • Wireless adapter technology
  • Troubleshooting technology
  • Power cord and cooling fans