Other Art

Other Art

While a Picasso or Van Gogh painting would be a lovely addition to any home, one of the most wonderful things about art is the subjective uniqueness of many items large and small. Whether you've just unearthed the next Mona Lisa quite by accident, or you find a piece of sculpture that you adore, part of the mystery and joy of art is finding pieces that you simply must have, regardless of their status. From primitive wooden pieces to art stickers, there are many different types of art you can use to turn your home into a showplace, when you shop the pages of eBay.   

How Do I find Statues and Sculptures?

Statues and sculptures are wonderful works of art that are 3D in nature. Small, large, and in between, sculptures work well in your living room, garden, and bedroom, among other spots. When it comes to looking for just the right piece, there are a few things to consider.   

  • Wall sculpture - Not exactly what always comes to mind when you think “sculpture,” but metal and wood hanging sculptures are a great addition to any wall in the home. Place these on the walls of your foyer or entryway, or in your hallway. 
  • Faces and heads - Reminiscent of African sculpture, having wooden or bronze heads actually gives the home a ‘welcoming’ feel. Place these in your foyer, or on a side table in your main living area. 
  • Animals - If you have a certain “spirit animal,” having a 3D sculpture of it to match is a brilliant idea. Common animal themes for sculptures include elephants, cats, dolphins, and more. Look for these to also be carved out of other materials, such as jade or ivory.   

How Do I Find Prints and Posters?

Prints and posters do a great job of decorating your home. Not just for college dorm rooms, look for prints, posters, and photo art that speaks to you, and really broadcasts your interests. Some notable ideas include:   

  • Drawings and sketches - These types of prints (such as blueprints of a famous building, for example) are the perfect accompaniment to a home office, or even a child’s bedroom.  
  • Copies of famous works - Displaying a famous work in your home is not cliche at all - in fact, it’s a good representation of your taste. Hang prints and posters from such popular artists as Rembrandt and Monet. 
  • Rough sketches - Unlike technical sketches, these types of pencil drawings are typically small works of art that display well in a hallway, kitchen, or bedroom. Choose themes that are personal to you. 
  • Sports and movies - Everyone needs a poster of their famous sports team. Hang these proudly in your game room or “man cave.”   

What Are Other Interesting Works of Art?

Literally, anything can be art, and it’s such a subjective concept that there are many items and works you can use to decorate your space. Some interesting and eclectic ideas include:   

  • Art stickers 
  • Wall art (i.e., decals) 
  • Collector’s plates 
  • Enamel pins 
  • Primitive wooden pieces 
  • Embroidered or beaded items