Ortho-Flex Saddles

The Ortho Flex Saddle: A Saddle Fit for the Horse and Rider

Riding horses for some people is a necessity of work; for others it is a hobby. One of the necessities of riding is a good saddle. New or used, there are plenty of Ortho Flex saddles to choose from. 

Considerations for buying an Ortho Flex saddle 

It is important to get a saddle that fits your horse well. It is also important to have one that is good for the rider. Here are some tips for buying an Ortho Flex saddle.  

  • Style: This is mostly determined by what you will be using it for. You can find a dressage saddle. There are also Western saddles, Australian saddles, and English saddles. These latter three saddles are more for general purpose riding.
  • Materials: They come in either synthetic fabric or leather. The synthetic is easy to clean and durable. Leather, if well taken care of is also very durable.
  • Fit the Ortho Flex saddle to the horse: The main area to watch to make sure your saddle fits your horse is the width of the gullet. If it is too wide, it will press down on the withers. If it is too narrow, it will pinch. Fit the width of the tree to the width of the withers. You also need to make sure the saddle balances right on your horse.
  • Fit the saddle to the rider: If you want a comfortable ride, the saddle needs to fit you. Typically, you want to be able to place a flat hand between you and the cantle when you're sitting in the lowest part of the saddle.

Should you buy new or used? 

You can buy either if you can find what you are looking for. The advantages of a used saddle are that it will be less expensive. Also, it will already be broken in. If it is well maintained, it will be soft and supple and already fit horse and rider comfortably. 

What colors can be found? 

You can find many different shades of brown and black. There are a few saddles, such as the "Perfect Wade" saddle by Len Brown, that have some red in them. An Ortho Flex stitchdown saddle is a shiny black throughout. You will find saddles all in one color, as well as some two-tone saddles. 

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