Show Pride in the USA With a Collection of Original World War II Posters and Prints

If you are a history buff, then original World War II posters are a great way to respectfully acknowledge the War to End All Wars. These original World War II posters are also a great way to show your appreciation for the men and women who gave their all. You can easily find affordable World War II collectible U.S. posters and prints on eBay.

Themes appearing in World War II posters and prints

Five underlying themes appear in World War II posters and prints, including:

  • The nature of the enemy - Many posters were designed to show that the enemy did not value things that many Americans hold most dear, like their religion, home life, and right to work in a chosen field.
  • Close ties to allies - Other posters celebrated America's friendship with other countries, including the Soviet Union, China, and Great Britain.
  • Need for everyone to work - Posters were used to encourage everyone to work together to beat the enemy.
  • Need to fight on multiple fronts - Posters and prints acknowledged the importance of land and sea missions.
  • Sacrifice - Everyone was called on to give sacrificially to the war effort.

Were there World War II posters to remind people to be silent?

Yes, many war posters played on the theme of "loose lips sink ships." One of these posters shows an Army soldier, a Navy man, and an Air Force infantryman in a bar sharing stories with the words, "beware spreading vital information will undermine our war efforts: do your part in silence," written on it. Another one shows three cartoon heads on it with the caption, "Be smart: Act dumb! Loose lips can cost lives!"

  Did posters encourage women to become nurses?

Yes, many posters encouraged women to become nurses, and these posters may be great in a school or medical office today. One poster shows an Army nurse with airplanes flying behind her. The caption reads, "I serve... Be an Army nurse." Another poster is mostly writing, starting with the words of President Woodward Wilson, "It's a Remarkable Story."