Original WW II United States Collectibles

Ally Yourself With Original WW II United States Collectibles

You may have served as a soldier and enjoy nostalgic pieces, or you might simply enjoy collecting cool items relating to WWII. No matter why you like them, you’ll find the plenty of vintage U.S. military collectibles to buy on eBay.

Types of vintage WW II U.S. militaria available

No U.S. WW II collectibles group would be complete without military items. You’ll find nearly every imaginable, rare U.S. militaria memorabilia for sale including these:

  • Clothing – Uniforms worn in combat, dress uniforms, clothing worn by enlisted personnel and officers, flight suits, and even soldiers’ hats and caps are all available.
  • Field gear and equipment – Browse through items for sale like military cots, blankets, tents, radios and communication devices, foot lockers, mess kits, and much more.
  • Weapons – Edged swords, M1 carbines, magazines, stocks, parts, and M1 Garand rifles all fall under this category.
  • Assistive battle devices – These include shoulder holsters, parachutes and related gear, leather rifle carry slings and belts, and countless additional items.
What U.S. WW II memorabilia is good for novice collectors?

If you’re just starting a collection of valuable U.S. WW II collectibles, it never hurts to focus on certain items. Patches worn by WW II military members are rich in history and tell a story in themselves. Patches from uniforms worn by WW II USMC, Army, Airborne, Navy, and specialized units, such as the tank destroyer patches, are always in demand.

Pins worn by US WW II personnel may be of interest to the beginning collector. Some very ornate WW II pins exist, such as vintage pilot wings. There are hundreds of thousands of military items that will capture the beginning collector’s imagination.

What types of U.S. non-military items are available?

Multiple groups of items related to old U.S. WW II collectibles concentrate on efforts to support the troops. Items may include these:

  • Posters – Many posters were encouraging Americans to buy war bonds. Others encouraged woman to take non-traditional jobs in critical industries short of workers.
  • Victory gardens – Find instruction manuals to planting Victory garden to help avoid food shortages.
  • Coupon books – Due to rationing of fuel and many other items during WW II, the U.S. provided tickets for people's allotment of fuel for the month.
  • Nostalgia items – Photographs, letters, and personal items sent back and forth between the homefront and battlefield hold more than sentimental value.