Original Beanie Babies

Original Beanie Babies

Beanie Babies were a huge fad among collectors in the 1990s due to their cute designs and fun collectibility. Each Ty Beanie Baby is known for having a soft plush exterior, a flexible stuffing made from plastic pellets, and a red heart-shaped tag. The original 9 animals released by Ty conjure particularly high nostalgia and are now quite rare.

What are the original Beanie Babies?

When Ty first launched its toy collection, there were nine different options for people to buy for money.

  • Cubbie: This is brown bear, and it was the first to be shown to the public.
  • Pinchers: Pinchers looks like a bright red lobster with two claws, and it was the second Beanie Baby released.
  • Legs: This frog has a bright green color scheme and a very flat body.
  • Squealer: One of the longest running animals, Squealer is a light pink pig.
  • Spot: Though called Spot, this dog originally did not have any spots.
  • Flash and Splash: Flash is a whale has a two toned grey design. While Splash looks very similar to Flash, it is black with a white belly like an Ora.
  • Chocolate: This is a moose with brown fur and orange antlers.
  • Patti: Named after Ty Warner's girlfriend, this platypus was deep fuchsia with orange legs and beak.
How do you tell if a toy is first generation?

After the first line of production, Ty continued to release the first nine animals in further generations. You can tell what generation an animal was by looking at either the heart-shaped hang tag or the tush tag on the back of the animal. First generation tags can be distinguished from the rest because they did not open like a locket. You can also check the tush tag to see the date of production. First generations were produced in 1993.

Which of the original nine Beanie Babies are the rarest?
  • Cubbie: When this Beanie was first released to the public, it was named "Brownie." However, the bear was quickly re-released as "Cubbie." It is very hard to find bears that still have a tag labeled "Brownie."
  • Pinchers: Some of the very first lobsters had a tag that said "Punchers." No one knows if this was a typo or not, but Beanie Babies with an intact tag that says "Punchers" are highly sought after.
  • Splash and Flash: These almost identical animals were quickly retired, so first generation Beanie whales in good condition are hard to find.
  • Spot: Original versions of the dog produced without fur spots or a main face spot are extremely rare.