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Oral-B Oral Care

Oral-B oral care products are produced to protect your teeth and gum health. Many Oral-B accessories and flosses are designed with hardware that enables you to use to fulfill your dental care needs, and the toothbrushes are built with a convenient base that can reach vulnerable zones.

What are the different Oral-B product options?

When the process of scrubbing away plaque and grime is a hassle, you can simplify the cleansing procedures and boost your brushing time by using an electric toothbrush. All Oral-B battery-powered and rechargeable products include hardware that can produce a lot of friction during a brushing routine. This means that you can melt away food and grime using an Oral-B or Oral-B Pro product without any effort. Electric toothbrushes from Oral-B don't use a lot of energy in order to rotate the mechanisms that blast away plaque. As a result, you could brush your teeth multiple times without frequently replacing the batteries.

If you need to replace an old toothbrush that's designed for an Oral-B electric product, you can use any of the replacement options that snap in place. Oral-B replacement brushes are made with the same materials that are used to construct the main brushes so the brush fibers won't wear away quickly following multiple brushing routines. Replacement units are also color-coded.

Oral-B dental floss products are used to help you care for and protect your gums. A typical product is several yards long, and the flavor of the material will vary. However, mint is a popular flavor since it matches the ingredients that are used to make various toothpastes. Oral-B floss is constructed from a practical material that glides through gaps. It is also coated with a material that grips the surfaces where plaque generates.

Traditional toothbrushes are designed with tough hardware and a sturdy handle. Most units may also have an arched design that simplifies the process of implementing brushing procedures in challenging and hard-to-reach spots.

What are the different product configurations?

Battery-powered and rechargeable electric toothbrushes, such as the Oral-B Pro, are typically packaged with one brush or two units. Standard toothbrushes are also packaged this way. However, in some cases, a bulk pack may include many more toothbrushes. Replacement brushes are packaged with two to four units, and each piece may have a color-coded stripe somewhere on the housing.

Some of the Oral-B product lines to consider include the SmartSeries line of products which offer a deep, three-dimensional cleaning experience; the Precision Smart series of of rechargeable toothbrushes; and the Stages line of electric toothbrushes for kids, which feature various favorite characters such as Disney characters.

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