Oliver Peoples O Malley Eyeglass Frames

Choosing Oliver Peoples O'Malley Glasses

Eyewear company Oliver Peoples was founded in 1987, when it opened its first boutique in West Hollywood, California. The brand offers a line of eyewear called O'Malley, which includes sunglasses and frames for prescription glasses. Explore the various frame options available to you on eBay now.

What to expect with the O'Malley style glasses

Oliver Peoples is a fashionable brand of glasses. With the O'Malley style, the frames are made of plastic. The lenses are a rounded shape, and there is a single arch at the brand of the nose. The O'Malley collection has two subsets: O'Malley Sun for sunglasses and The Row O'Malley NYC, which offers a larger size of glasses.

Oliver Peoples O'Malley sunglasses vs. prescription glasses

When you shop for Oliver Peoples O'Malley glasses, you have to decide whether you want prescription glasses to wear for work, reading, or driving, or sunglasses to wear when you want to protect your eyes from UV rays. eBay offers options for all your needs. Sunglasses are ready to go, offering you polarization. For prescription glasses, you can choose the frame and have prescription lenses added later.

What are some of the options for Oliver Peoples glasses?

You have quite a few options to choose from among Oliver Peoples O'Malley glasses. The wide range of models allows you to select frames that you love to suit the activities and occasions for which you plan to wear them.

  • Style: Decide whether you need sunglasses or prescription glasses.
  • Frame color: A variety of frame colors are available, from red to tortoise shell.
  • Frame size: Small and standard-size frames are available from the brand.
  • Lens color: Frames for prescription glasses provide you with a clear demo lens, while sunglasses are available with gray, brown, and green lenses.
  • Condition: Decide between new and preowned pairs of glasses.
Benefits of buying preowned Oliver Peoples O'Malley glasses

You'll be able to take advantage of a few benefits when buying preowned Oliver Peoples O'Malley glasses. First, they can be more affordable. Second, they may already have lenses with the prescription you need. Before you buy the glasses, check the vendor's photos and descriptions for wear and to find out whether the original case is included.

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