Off-Road Motorcycles

Dont Let Roads Limit Your Fun with Off-Road Motorcycles

At the heart of any motorcycle, its simply a bike with a motor. However, things become more complex when you delve into the various types and features that various bikes have to offer. Categories like touring, sport, and adventure models only scratch the surface. One of the most popular types of two-wheeler is the off-road motorcycles for a limitless, adventurous experience. You may also see the term dirt bike used to describe these vehicles, such as KTM dirt cycles.

How Off-Road Bikes Differ from Traditional Cycles

You may wonder why you need a special bike if you prefer to do a bit of bumpier riding rather than stick to simple, paved roads and highways. these types of two-wheelers are tailored to rougher terrain, and they include some standout features that keep you safe when the ride isnt so smooth.

  • The tires are different on an off-road model. The tread on the tires isnt as smooth, and the exterior of the tires is raised and bumpy in order to gain traction when you ride on rougher surfaces. This helps you stay safe on your cycle as you ride.
  • A motorcycle made for off-road riding is lightweight and has a more simple and basic design that wont weigh a rider down no matter what the trail or obstacles are. They may even "grab air" as you ride over rocks and other debris, or down dirt roads.
  • The vehicles have higher clearance, meaning they wont bottom out as you race over higher piles or sand, dirt, or rocks, and you can clear these obstacles with ease.
What Types of Off-Road Cycles Are There?

Off-road is a generalized term for an entire family of two-wheeler types out there, and you can use each one for a different purpose depending on what your sport or hobby is when it comes to riding and where your interests lie. Purchase new or pre-owned cycles on eBay and satisfy your need for riding off the beaten track.

  • Motocross - This type of racing is a sport that involves a specific type of cycle. These light, compact bikes let athletes make high jumps and race over obstacles in a competitive atmosphere.
  • Enduro - These riders often complete long courses over which they may even end up on paved roads, so these cycles do double-duty.
  • Trail bikes - Select these models for on and off-road purposes, and riders often use them for recreational riding.
What Brands and Models Are There?

Choosing a brand is a personalized experience, and frequently, many factors come into play such as the type of model you desire, a brand preference, budget constraints, and features.

  • Honda makes a plethora of options for going off the pavement. Some of these include the CR, the XR, and the CRF.
  • Check into Suzuki options, including the vintage RM or the DR.
  • Yamaha pleases enthusiasts with its popular YZ model, which has been around for many years and the company consistently updates for fans of the longtime model.
  • Consider other brands, such as Kawasaki, Indian, and more.

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