Odometer Diagnostic Service Tools

Frequently Asked Questions about Odometer Diagnostic Service Tools

An odometer diagnostic tool is a type of OBD scanner which interacts directly with your vehicle. The device simply plugs into a port and allows you to scan, reset, adjust, program, or diagnose problems with your odometer. eBay is a great source for new and used odometer diagnostic service tools.

What are the main types of OBD interfaces?

OBD, also known as an on-board diagnostic tool, is a versatile tool designed to diagnose and detect subtle issues with your automobile. Here is a list of the different types of inexpensive OBD interfaces on eBay.

  • OBD-I: OBD-I was the first system introduced. It refers to a general group of different OBD interfaces rather than a specific standard. If you own an automobile with OBD-I, then you will need to either own a proprietary tool or a universal scanner which has the ability to swap different connectors and software.
  • OBD-II: Starting around 1996, OBD-II interfaces began to appear in automobiles. This was a universal standard which required manufacturers to adopt a single interface. Almost all diagnostic tools on the market are now compatible with OBD-II. Some OBD-II tools are compatible with OBD-I as well.
  • EOBD: EOBD is a European-only version of OBD-II which applies to certain passenger cars. The implementation of EOBD is nearly the same as OBD-II.
  • JOBD: Designed for automobiles sold in Japan, JOBD is once again nearly identical to OBD-II.
How portable is an OBD tool?

Whether youre using it for amateur or professional purposes, these tools are usually quite portable. The most common type of OBD tool is the handheld scanner. Another common type of scanner is a wireless adapter which connects to the OBD interface and transmits information to a nearby device such as a smartphone. However, although these types of scanners are ubiquitous, the quality can vary widely in terms of durability, screen quality, and functionality.

How does the scanner diagnose problems?

The scanner will receive and display a standardized set of trouble codes, which you can use to identify and correct specific malfunctions. This data is accessed directly from the engine control unit, an electronic device embedded in the engine. However, the ability to access and monitor the performance of the automotive vehicle depends on the quality of the diagnostic tool or code reader. Some tools may only provide a small amount of information.

Other tools may provide copious amounts of data for professional diagnosis. If you are simply adjusting or correcting the odometer of your automobile, then you will likely not need a complex tool. A simple fault code reader and reset tool should suffice. However, there are plenty of tools that can diagnose and reset multiple vehicle systems at the same time while providing detailed information about what went wrong.