Nortel was a Canadian telecommunications firm that produced business telephone systems, servers, and routers. Astra technologies now make Nortel company products. Many options for support and products are available for both new and legacy systems.

Will legacy Nortel phone systems still work?

Other companies took over the repair of call networks and provided telephone services until 2014. However, there are still repair services that use refurbished or used equipment to supply telephones that are still in operation. It is also possible to have an older company plan network upgraded so that it is compatible with and guide the latest computers and telecommunications. If you have a legacy system, products are still available to help maintain it.

Are there any new Nortel-branded phones available?

Aastra Technologies Limited took over the manufacture of branded phones for Nortel. Aastra is located in Concord, Ontario. This line of phones provide 12 different models across the Venture, Vista, and Meridian series. Even though they still bear the old brand call name, they are actually made by Aastra using upgraded electronics and computers.

Will old Nortel networks need to be replaced?

Although original Nortel telephony is no longer technically in existence, it does not necessarily mean that the old one needs to be replaced. Branded phones are still being manufactured by a different company. In addition, there are still some older systems being used in large companies. Replacement parts and refurbished phones for older systems are still available. It is likely that some of the older telephony products will eventually need to be replaced with updated equipment simply because the technology is outdated. Updated telephony products are compatible with both the current technology and older ones. If you replace an older phone with the newer one, it should still work but an adapter may be necessary for full functionality.

What accessories are available with Nortel phones?

Aastra/Nortel phones have a number of different modern accessories including wireless headsets and internal voicemail. They have call forwarding to any number and caller ID, just like any other system available on the market. It is important to check whether the accessory that you intend to purchase is compatible with Nortel phone systems because of the proprietary software that they use. There are also a number of adapters available that allow the latest products and accessories to work with the older systems. Their branded headsets can work with USB headsets with an adapter. Cordless handsets are available as well as additional battery packs. They are not globally compatible with all other accessories, but there is a wide selection of accessories made specifically for them that are readily available. It is important to check and make sure that the accessories are compatible with your telephony system and to make certain that you have all necessary adapters.

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