Pop Culture Trading Cards

Must-have vintage and pop culture releases from Topps, Cryptozoic, and Rittenhouse.

What Are The Most Valuable Trading Cards?

Some of the rarest and most valuable trading cards are sports-related, such as the 1979 Wayne Gretzky ice hockey card that sold in 2011 for over 94,000 dollars or the 1987 Michael Jordan rookie card that sold for 100,000 dollars. Rare cards from trading card games also attract high sums, such as the 1998 Pikachu Illustrator card from the Pokemon Trading Card Game, which attracted over 50,000 dollars in 2013 due to the fact there are only six such cards in existence.

How Can You Start A Trading Card Collection?

Do some research before getting started to gain a solid understanding of which cards are worth purchasing. To gain knowledge quickly, it is a good idea for new collectors to focus on one particular subject, such as rookie basketball cards, Pokemon cards, or an even narrower niche. Bear in mind that many factors affect the price of a card, including the age, condition, and rarity. In some cases, a card in poor condition may still be valuable if it is particularly hard to find. Collectors often start by purchasing modern cards that are relatively inexpensive. This allows them to build a collection in a cost-effective way while they learn more about their chosen niche.

How Should You Store Trading Cards?

To keep a collection of trading cards in mint condition, many collectors invest in custom storage solutions, such as plastic sleeves that hold a single card and protect it from damp, dust, and fingerprints. Trading card storage boxes allow a collector to store sleeved cards on end, which prevents warping. For additional protection from wet conditions and rodents, try plastic containers with hinged lids that shut securely. Collectors who want to easily view a collection can opt for nine-pocket plastic pages that have nine slots for individual cards and fit in standard size ring binders, making it possible to store a collection on a bookshelf in an organized manner.