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A Nintendo SNES Console Shopping Guide

The SNES was first released by the Nintendo corporation in 1991 as a follow up to the NES gaming system. Since then, the console has been released in ""classic"" formats with built-in games in different versions, selling tens of millions of units overall. You can find SNES consoles in various formats on eBay.

Available versions of the Nintendo SNES

The Super Nintendo has been made in various formats over the years in Asia and North America. There are a number of different versions available that were released only to Asian gamers along with these more common versions:

  • SNES Original - The original console that was released at the system's launch.
  • New-Style Super NES - This version is more compact than the original Super Nintendo and was released by the company in 1997.
  • SNES Classic - Released in 2017, this is a remake of the classic system for traditional-minided gamers. It comes with 21 of the system's most-played games already installed on the system.
  • SNES Classic Mini - This is a smaller version of the SNES Classic that has 21 games preloaded.

Are games included with the purchase?

Certain versions of the console come with game cartridges. The SNES Classic and Classic Mini come with games preloaded and are ready to play right out of the box. Some of the listings come with significant game libraries that include many of the most purchased games on the system, including:

  • Super Mario World
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
  • Mario Paint
  • NBA Live '95
  • Madden Football '95

Do controllers come with the purchase?

The SNES console has two built-in ports for controllers, with the possibility for expansion to four. Check the listing that interests you to see if it includes controllers. Some SNES eBay listings include only the console, and some include one or two controllers. Both proprietary and third-party controllers are available.

Features of the Super Set

One all-in-one option is the Super Nintendo Super Set. Often included with the box, this package comes with the Super Nintendo console, two Super Mario World controllers, and the Super Mario World game. This version was one of the original sets released in the early years of the system.

Can you find a Super Nintendo original with the original box?

Some SNES eBay listings come with the original box, including versions that were released in the early days of the console. These are often sought after as collector's items.

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