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What to Do When Your GameCube Controller Stops Working

Playing video games can get a bit too exciting for some, and while playing your Nintendo GameCube, this might involve someone throwing your controllers across the room or dropping them. Maybe you've just overdone it on the controls and they've seen better days. When your GameCube controller isn't working like it should, or has stopped working all together, you can find certain replacement parts to get it back up and running rather than buying a brand new one.

What Kind of Replacement Parts Can I Find?

To get your GameCube controller looking in tip-top shape again, you can find various parts that are easy to replace. Some of the parts include:

  • Joystick caps: You can find replacement sets of joystick caps that come in groups of four: two yellow and two grey. These are plastic, and you can make your controller feel like new again by simply taking off the old caps and putting on the new ones. 
  • Analog joystick stick switches: If your 3D joystick axis analog sensor module is working then you will need these switch replacements. This process is a little trickier than replacing caps so you should seek help from a professional to ensure that no problems occur when fixing your controller.
  • Controller button pads: These silicone pads fit over the main controller buttons and you can easily replace these yourself. Just make sure that the indents line up with the buttons underneath correctly for smooth and accurate playing. 

What Other GameCube Accessories Are There?

Along with replacement parts for your Nintendo GameCube controller, you can find other GameCube console accessories to make game time more enjoyable. Some items are compatible with other devices from the same brand, but make sure you check the specifications first if this is something that you require. 

  • Memory cards: You can find three different kinds of memory cards from this brand. The light grey card includes 59 blocks of memory, the black card stores 251 blocks of memory, and the larger white memory card holds 1019 blocks. 
  • Controllers: You can choose from wired controllers or wireless controllers. The Wavebird is a popular wireless controller and is a great choice for those that don't want to be annoyed by cords getting in the way while trying to play.
  • Bongos: For the popular Donkey Kong games, you can purchase a Donkey Kong bongos controller that looks exactly like a pair of bongos. 
  • Power adapter: If you lose your power adapter or your current one suffers damage, then you can find a replacement one.

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