About GBA Games

A Game Boy Advance comes in handy for parents who constantly hear "Are we there yet?" or "I'm bored." The fully portable Game Boy Advance console, released in 2001, still keeps children entertained on those long car journeys, during interminable waiting room sessions, and when they are sick in bed with a cold. The Advance and its 2003 successor, the Game Boy Advance SP, offer handheld gaming in full color, and they are backwards compatible with previous Nintendo handhelds. That means gamers with large Game Boy and Game Boy Color collections do not have to start their video game libraries over from scratch when they upgrade to the Advance. Although the Game Boy technology is now significantly dated, many "old school" gamers still enjoy the nostalgic playing experience, and there is plenty of demand. If you want a Game Boy Advance, you can easily find one through the many reliable sellers on eBay. It may not be new, but a Game Boy is still a restless child's best friend.