Find Your New Skate Shoe in Nike SB Dunk Sneakers

Many sports require a specific type of support and agility, and players desire a certain look that is specific to their selected sport. This is especially true for skaters, who enjoy a specific type of sneaker that offer both flexibility and security in an appealing manner. A chunky, solid heel is characteristic of skater shoes, as are a wide base with adjustable laces. Since their inception in 2002, Nike SB Dunk Low sneakers for men, also known as the Chunky Skunk, project exactly the image that you imagine when considering a typical skateboarding look. Not only is the appearance of these sneakers unique to the sport of skating, but the functionality of them is also based on this purpose.

What features of Nike SB Dunk Low sneakers for men are offered?

There are many different attributes that the limited edition Nike SB Dunk Low sneakers for men utilize to make them ideal for the purpose they are serving. As a skating shoe, they need to be supportive, stylish, traction-inducing, and comfortable. Basically, these sneakers are expected to be the best all-around shoe for quick movements and constant motion flexibility. A few features that allow these sneakers to function in this manner include:

  • Responsive cushioning, due to a Zoom Air unit in the sockliner structure
  • Added comfort on the tops of the feet from a padded tongue
  • Multi-directional traction and grip from a circular tread pattern
How is the fit of the Nike SB Dunk Low sneakers for men?

Based on customer reviews, the Nike SB Dunk Low sneakers for men fit true to size. Their wide base is perfect for wearers with flatter feet or a wider arch, while a lace-up strategy allows you to secure these shoes tightly, when necessary. Please check the manufacturer's site for additional sizing information.

Are Nike SB Dunk Low sneakers for men high-top or low-top?

Staying true to the name of these shoes, Nike SB Dunk Low sneakers for men are available solely in a low-top version. This design allows for flexibility of the ankle and agility for quick changes in movement. While other versions of Nike SB Dunk sneakers offer high-top options, these do not.

What colors are Nike SB Low Dunk sneakers for men available in?

One of the most exciting design features of Nike SB Low Dunk sneakers for men are the colors that they come in. Traditional colors, like black and white, are met with shocking color schemes, like yellow, red, and black. Even still, unique designs like snakeskin are utilized, while neutral Dunk sneakers are also popular options. You can find almost any color you want in Nike SB Low Dunk sneakers for men.

Do Nike SB Dunk Low sneakers for men have Velcro or straps?

Unlike other versions of Nike SB Dunk sneakers, the SB Dunk Low sneakers do not offer VELCRO or straps. These sneakers rely solely on laces to secure your foot within and adjust support accordingly.

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