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Nike Clothing for Men

Nike clothing is renowned for its durability, construction, and technology. Whether you're a professional athlete, weekend warrior, or fitness enthusiast, Nike provides options for casual wear, routine workouts, and hectic pre-season schedules.

Which Nike shorts provide coverage?

Nike training and basketball shorts tend to provide more coverage. They are typically fuller in the hips and thighs and have longer inseams, measuring up to 14 inches. The leg openings are usually rather large as well. These features reflect design requests gleaned from pro players and trainers and also an evolving aesthetic in basketball and training-sports apparel design.

How does Nike Dri-Fit work?

Dri-Fit is a moisture-wicking technology. It consists of very high-performance, polyester microfiber fabric. It channels sweat away from your body to the surface of the fabric where it evaporates. You stay drier despite heavy training or playing, and you'll dry off more quickly after a good sweat or getting caught in the rain. Dri-Fit potentially prevents itching and the proliferation of bacteria that can thrive in moist, hot conditions.

What exactly is Nike Therma-Fit?

Therma-Fit is Nike's proprietary fleece fabric. It consists of microfiber that is double-brushed, making it extremely soft and lightweight yet highly resilient. It also resists heat loss and retains energy, offering optimal insulation. Therma-Fit items have very low bulk and weight, so you don't need tons of layers to stay warm if you have to train outdoors during cold, inclement weather.

Clothing made in this fabric comes in handy if you're a serious runner or cyclist who hits the trail year-round. Therma-Fit is also a comprehensive fleece layer when you need to pile layers of warmth for outdoor recreation in cold environments. There are Therma-Fit jackets, hoodies, shorts, shirts, and pants.

Are there Nike shoes for supination and overpronation?

Nike consistently produces pairs of shoes designed specifically to counter the action and potential damage of overpronation and supination. For overpronation, explore the Stability category of running shoes. This category consists of models with full plantar support and an emphasis on cushioning for weak or flat arches. Other examples include LunarGlide.

If you tend to supinate, or underpronate, you may find shoes from the Neutral running category helpful, such as Air Max and Air Pegasus.

How do the Nike T-shirts fit?

Nike T-shirts have a fit that flatters your torso that's consistent with elite athletic gear. Each available T-shirt size runs 1 to 2 inches smaller than the standard U.S. apparel size. Go a size up or down if you prefer your shirts fitted or slightly loose. For example, if you usually wear a medium, you might like to get a large Nike tee to achieve the same fit and silhouette.