Achieve Superior Focus with Nightforce Scopes

Nightforce produces a variety of highly accurate rifle scopes, such as the ATACR, the MOAR, and the NXS. Nightforce scopes use a variety of optics to improve your shooting, such as reticles. These new and pre-owned Nightforce scope products can be found on eBay at a price point that's right for you.

What types of Nightforce reticles are available?

Nightforce scopes include at least two different types of reticles. The optics will vary depending on what kind of reticle you decide on. For example, the ATACR often has an illuminated reticle while the MOAR may have a mil-dot.

The illuminated reticle is an excellent choice because it improves your ability to see through your Nightforce product. The mil-dot models (which often include the NXS) utilize a small dot in the center that enhances your ability to focus when trying to aim a shot. These scopes by Nightforce will usually have the reticle type printed on the side.

How high can the magnification go?

When buying Nightforce rifle scopes on eBay, there are many magnification levels available. Just a few rifle scopes that you can consider include:

  • 4X ? This range should be good enough for most target practice.
  • 8X ? When firing with this range, you should have good enough accuracy for most hunting scenarios.
  • 10X ? Nightforce produces a broad range of scopes at this range.
  • 14X ? Large magnification ranges like this may require a tripod to ensure your scope is accurate.
  • 15X ? At this range, you may be able to make shots of a mile or more.
What lens diameter is compatible with these scopes?

When looking at Nightforce scopes, you also need to examine the diameter of the optics lens on the scope. This measurement influences the size of the reticle and what kind of magnification your NXS scope will have on the field. A 42-millimeter scope will produce anywhere from a 8-10X magnification range, but a 50-millimeter scope has optics that allow you to reach ranges of up to 15X. Nightforce lenses range between 24 and 56 millimeters, depending on lens type and product line.

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