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New Nintendo 3DS XL console – gaming fun with old classics

From the first Super Mario to today's games, nintendo stands for fun with the medium of Electronic Entertainment. Through the loving figurine design and iconic design of the consoles, the Japanese group has earned an established reputation in the gaming industry. At the same time, it always shines with its family-friendliness to entertain young and old alike. From the first Nintendo DS to the Nintendo DSi to the 3DS, Nintendo continued to evolve the flagship handheld gaming market, with the New Nintendo 3DS XL another milestone. Combining the new features with the simplistic yet effective design of its predecessors, the New Nintendo 3DS XL is a hybrid of the well-known old and the new innovation and engineering. The New Nintendo 3DS XL boasts Smart customisation capabilities, increased power, a new way to control, an enhanced 3D system, and an entirely new gaming experience!

What is new about the Nintendo 3DS XL?

The new control in particular is special: the familiar L and R buttons are now joined by the ZL and ZR buttons. The A, B, X, and Y buttons expand above it with the new C stick. Thanks to these elements, it is now easier to browse the internet and control the games with greater precision. Internet usage is enhanced particularly by the ZL and ZR buttons as it is now possible to switch between tabs. Controls that previously could only be purchased through the Pro extra sliding pad are also now built into the new console.

What can the technique of the New 3DS XL be?

A major improvement in tech in the New Nintendo 3DS XL is the higher speed at which software is downloaded. The graphics are sharper - the game is more intense. Another achievement can be called Near Field Communication (NFC) with amiibo software. This allows you to discover many extra surprises in the game with toys-to-life external figures, playfully linking them to the virtual world. For this, the lower screen of the display now opens up reading and writing options that make it easier to use the appropriate ambiio software. Nintendo also creates a special gaming experience through the ability to play in 3D. Unlike a static TV or previous consoles, for example, the New Nintendo 3DS XL console is now actively adapting to your gaming habits, thus intensifying the 3D experience. The indoor camera is now able to track your face, so accurate angles are always calculated even if you move quickly and exuberantly as you play. This creates a stable and customized 3D experience of its own.