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New Balance 993 Athletic Shoes for Men Buying Guide

New Balance has been making high-quality men's and women's athletic footwear since 1906. The Boston-based company's offerings include the 993 model men's athletic shoes. The New Balance 993 shoes are a newer model that leans towards the classic style of the company's iconic design and are available on eBay.

The sizes available on eBay

Affordable New Balance 993 men's shoes come in a wide variety of sizes. This includes the most common men's shoe sizes, 9 through 13. This number indicates the length of the shoe. On top of those sizes, there are also lettered sizes D through EE. These lettered sizes indicate the width of the shoe. Each New Balance 993 can be found with each of the options available for width. See the manufacturer's site for details.

Can 993 New Balance shoes be purchased in different colors?

The most important part of a shoe when it comes to style is its colorway. New Balance makes the 993s in a variety of different colors, helping you find an affordable pair that fits your personal style. Each shoe features a primary color with other colors used for the logo, secondary color, and trim. You can find the following colors available for NB 993 shoes. New Balance 993 shoes in black are the most common color found on eBay. Other colors include:

  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Red
Some features of the 993s

The 993s are a newer model in the New Balance line. They have a variety of features designed to improve the functionality, performance, and durability of the new or preowned New Balance 993 shoes, including the following:

  • N-Durance - The N-Durance soles are made from a high-tech rubber compound that gives the sole of the shoe long-lasting durability, ensuring they stay comfortable.
  • ABZORB SBS - This cushioning system in the New Balance 993 men's shoes gives a boost in mid-foot support.
  • ENCAP Midsole Technology - This braces the middle of the shoe to increase the durability of the 993 without losing any support.
  • Lightweight - The cushioning in the New Balance 993 is 12% lighter on average than the foam used in other shoes.
  • Blow Rubber Outsole - The outsole of the shoe is the aesthetic trim and driving force behind its durability.
Do they come with a box?

Any new New Balance 993s will come with a box. You can also find used versions of the shoe on eBay that come with the original box, too. This is important if you're looking to collect New Balance men's shoes.

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