A company dedicated to making your home better, Nest creates an array of products that helps your home to take care of you just as much as you look after it. Their products offer simple, beautiful home solutions that reduce your footprint and save you money on upkeep and utility bills in a number of areas. eBay continues to carry Nest’s full catalogue, allowing you the customer to buy direct from the brand.  

What is the Nest Cam?

With offerings to serve a number of functions, from home security to surveillance, cameras from Nest are smart, look simple enough to blend into your decor, and have a number of notable features:  

Real-time surveillance and alerts. A Nest outdoor camera senses movement in your yard and sends an alert to your phone. You can see the live video feed and even speak into the app to ward off intruders.  

Nest Aware. These cameras know the difference between a person or the odd roving critter or falling debris, and it will tell you if a person is in your yard.  

Specialized alerts. Get specific alerts if there is activity in special areas of your yard or home, such as your driveway or back door.  

Home surveillance. Nest indoor cameras can bring you all the same functions as their outdoor devices. 

What's So Special About the Nest Thermostat?

A smart thermostat that interfaces with your smart assistant can mean adjusting temperatures with a simple voice command or even one you send from your phone. Nest thermostats are the first thermostats of any kind to receive an EnergyStar rating. These devices also:  

Learn your preferences: Nest thermostats know how warm or cool you like it to be, and then it builds a schedule that matches yours.  

Save on heating and cooling: Studies showed people saving 10 to 15 percent on utility bills with the use of the nest thermostat, and the brand even claims that in under two years, it will have offset what it cost you to buy it. 

Other Nest Offerings

These are just the first steps to fully automating your smart home. For instance, Nest doorbells tell you who's there and when, with full HD video and a number of functions. It streams 24/7, so you can check from your phone whether there's a person or a package at your door, day or night.   Another product that can improve any home is the Nest co2 alarm, the Nest Protect. These are an update to traditional smoke and co2 alarms. Lasting for as much as a decade, they test themselves, and you can hush them from your phone when they go off. What's more, they are smart about what they detect, knowing the difference between smoke and co2 and providing warnings when your toast is burning before there's a major fire. When one goes off, they all go off. So even in a big home, if something goes aflame you and everyone in your house know right away.