Navionics Maps for Detailed Information on Bodies of Water

If you want to make sure that you never get lost at sea and always avoid dangerous sandbars, the Navionics maps in this collection should be just what you need. There are many different maps to choose from, and reviewing these answers to common customer questions can help ensure that you pick the right map for your purposes.

How do you install a new Navionics map?

The Navionics maps in this collection come on SD cards. These cards can fit into any SD card slot, but they are designed to be inserted into the GPS systems that are commonly found on boats. If you already have a Navionics map suite installed on your GPS, all you'll need to do to set up your new map system is to remove the old card and insert the new one. If your GPS is brand-new, you may need to perform some setup functions before it effectively reads your Navionics SD card.

What products does Navionics offer?

Navionics produces a number of in-depth maps of bodies of water. This company produces maps for rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans all over the world, and it separates its products into maps for different regions. Unlike basic maps that only show the borders of geographical areas, Navionics maps are three-dimensional, and they also show the depth of the various bodies of water. Here are some examples of the different regional maps that this company offers:

  • Lake Maps West: This map package has details on all of the lakes in the western region of the United States.
  • South America East: This package shows information on the lakes, rivers, and oceans on the eastern part of South America.
  • Puget Sound: This offering from Navionics provides detailed information on the inlets and bays of the Puget Sound region in Washington state.
  • Regions: East: This map package shows information on the lakes, rivers, and oceans in the eastern part of the United States.
How do you pick the right Navionics product?

Determining which type of Navionics card is right for you depends mainly on the region where you'll be boating. While some of the maps from this company cover large swaths of water, these maps are generally less detailed than maps in the Platinum series, which show smaller areas in considerable and specific detail. You can find the right Navionics map for any body of water you'll sail over with just a simple search.

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